IOF besiege worshippers in Al-Aqsa mosque amid rising tension

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Israeli Occupation Forces on Sunday morning have stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque and besieged the worshipers inside it. While worshippers protested the move, IOF brutally attacked them with sticks and pepper spray, and teargas, causing at least ten injuries and cases of gas inhalation.

This comes after groups of settlers entered the courtyards of the Mosque under heavily armed police forces, in a blatant provocation of Muslim traditions.

According to local sources, the number of settlers who stormed the mosque yards  since morning hours was 38 settlers.

A few hours later, IOF withdrew from the mosque.

This storm comes after a difficult day of events after Israeli Prime Minister announced the Damascus Gate a closed military zone and cancelled ordered the deportation of more than 350 Palestinian citizens,  after an operative that was carried out by three Palestinian youths at Iftar time on Friday.

The three youths were shot to death and one Israeli soldier was killed in the operative.

As a result, Israel cancelled the permits of over 250,000 Palestinians that were handed out during Ramadan.



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