Cambridge : Advocacy Groups Protest Fifty Years of Israeli Military Occupation


Boston-based Palestine Advocacy Project led a coalition of human rights groups in a rally against Israel’s ongoing military occupation of Palestinian territories the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, and also the Syrian Golan Heights.

Israel’s occupation of these territories recently reached its 50th anniversary and is by far the longest of its kind. The occupation has included the forced removal of Palestinian populations from their lands and the transfer of hundreds of thousands of Jewish Israelis onto these lands both clear violations of international law as established by the 4th Geneva Convention.

With about 250 people in attendance, the rally began in front of Cambridge City Hall where participants listed to four passionate speakers who highlighted the abuses Palestinians living under Israel’s occupation endure. Amahl Bishara outlined how incarceration shapes the lives of Palestinians living under the occupation.

“Since the occupation of 1967,” Bishara told the audience, “an estimated 800,000 Palestinians, or roughly 20% of the population, have been imprisoned. For so many people I know, the violence of occupation and the threat of imprisonment has shaped their lives, shaped their sense of where they might go, how they might live, and what they might achieve.”

The energetic crowd then took to the streets, marching on Massachusetts Avenue from the Cambridge City Hall to Harvard Square.

While marching, the crowd yelled chants including “Not another nickel, not another dime, no more money for Israel’s crimes!” and “From Palestine to Mexico, these border walls have got to go!”

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