Israel deals with 48 Arabs as obstacles to its colonial project


Israel deals with Arabs in the country as an “obstacle ahead of colonial project”, the Secretary-General of the National Democratic Assembly, Mtanes Shehadeh, said yesterday.

Speaking to Quds Press, Shehadeh described the Israeli treatment of Arab-Israelis as “hostile” due to the continuous policy of “torture, slaughter, home destruction, displacement and revoking identities.”

The reason behind this hostility, Shehadeh said, is “simple”, noting that Israel “considers us an obstacle ahead of its colonial project”.

Shehadeh, the project coordinator of Mada Al-Carmel – Arab Centre for Applied Social Research in Israel, said that the political reality in Israel is that “shooting an Arab criminal suspect is easy, but it is not acceptable to shoot a Jewish suspect.”

He explained: “The Israeli police has the culture that killing an Arab is an unpunishable action… the overwhelming majority of complaints made by Arabs against the Israeli police are closed without prosecuting any of the policemen.”

According to Quds Press, Israeli police have killed 55 Arab citizens of Israel since October 2000.

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