Dr. Ashrawi: Israel is making a mockery of the international community and the global justice system


PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi said that Israel is making a mockery of the international community and the global justice system.

She added “With its recent announcements to construct 3,000 illegal settlements in the Occupied West Bank (including East Jerusalem) this week, Israel is making a mockery of the international community and the global justice system.

Clearly, Israel’s creeping annexation of Palestine is escalating because of the international community’s inability to translate its verbal statements and condemnations into serious and concrete actions to bring Israel to account. It also appears that the U.S. has neither the will nor the intention to end the illegal settlement enterprise or Israel’s persistent violations of international law and conventions. Rather, its UN representative is fully engaged in browbeating the international community and ensuring that Israel gets a free pass.”

 Ashrawi made these comments during a meeting she conducted with Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia Dr. Milan Brglez and his delegation, which included members of Parlimanet Kamal Izidor Shaker and Jernet Vatovec, in Ramallah. The visiting delegation was accompanied by Slovenian Representative Milko Dolinšek.

Dr. Ashrawi extended her appreciation to Slovenia for its continued support of Palestine and its backing at the United Nations. She also said that recognition of Palestine is a matter of principle, and she called on the Slovenian government to recognize Palestine in the immediate future.

Both parties discussed the deteriorating conditions on the ground, including Israel’s expansion of its illegal settlement enterprise, the expropriation of Palestinian land and resources, the deliberate demographic, cultural, religious, and political transformation of Jerusalem, the demolitions of Palestinian homes, and the revocation of Jerusalem IDs.

Dr. Ashrawi specifically asked for European intervention pertaining to Israel’s continued imprisonment of Palestinian parliamentarians and requested that Israel respect international norms dealing with the immunity of elected officials.

The internal situation was assessed, and Dr. Ashrawi stressed the imperative of reconciliation and elections.

The meeting also covered issues of bilateral relations and future coordination between Palestine and Slovenia.

Following the meeting, Dr. Ashrawi accompanied Dr. Brglez and the delegation to lay a wreath at the tomb of Yasser Arafat.

In addition, Dr. Ashrawi met with Slovenian Minister of Education, Science and Sport Dr. Maja Makovec Brenčič yesterday at the PLO Headquarters in Ramallah. Dr. Brenčič was accompanied by Slovenian Representative Milko Dolinšek and Head of International Cooperation and EU Office at the Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport Tit Neubauer.

The meeting focused on the latest political, international and regional developments, including the unrelenting campaign by the U.S. and its representative to defend Israel and its unlawful violations, the current general election in the UK and the elections in France, well as the serious need for the European Union and other members of the international community to hold Israel accountable for its persistent breach of international law and destruction of the two-state solution.

Both parties discussed Palestinian-Slovenian relations and issues of mutual interest at length, including the importance of future cooperation in areas of education, research, empowerment of women and youth, and good governance.

They also reviewed Dr. Ashrawi’s upcoming visit to Slovenia in September in which she will participate in the 12th annual Bled Strategic Forum alongside heads of state and government, ministers, diplomats, and scholars.