Barghouthi: Prisoners to resume strike if their demands not fulfilled


Marwan Barghouthi, the imprisoned Fatah leader who recently led a mass 41-day hunger strike, said in a statement issued from his prison cell that the Freedom and Dignity Strike was suspended to give the opportunity for dialogue with the Israeli Prison Service (IPS).

He emphasized the prisoners’ strong readiness to resume the strike if the IPS does not fulfill its commitments made to the prisoners.

He pointed out that the Freedom and Dignity Hunger Strike was a turning point in the record of the captive movement as prisoners were collectively engaged in the strike for 41 consecutive days.

The strike was able to extract a number of just and humanitarian demands which included a reinstatement of a second monthly family visit for the prisoners and improving the detention conditions, he added.

The prisoners also succeeded in forcing Israeli authorities to address issues related to the “daily life” of the prisoners, such as transfer process, and the “conditions of women prisoners, children, and ill prisoners,” Barghouthi underlined.

Several other demands, he continued, were also met including an end to the denial of family visits, appropriate medical care and treatment.

The agreement also included the formation of a “committee of senior officials of the IPS” to continue dialogue with representatives of the Palestinian prisoners in the next few days “to discuss all issues without exception,” Barghouthi said.

Barghouthi ended his statement by thanking the Palestinian people for supporting the strike and the prisoners’ legitimate demands.

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