Summary of the 38th day of Freedom and Dignity strike


The Media Committee of the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs and the Palestinian Prisoners’ society, present the summary of the 38th day of the collective hunger strike, which was embarked by the prisoners’ movement in the Israeli jails, under the title of “Freedom and Dignity strike” since 17th of April, 2017.

On the 38th day of the strike, striking detainees suffer from weight loss, difficulty in movement, fainting, and severe pains in the articulatory system and kidneys. It is worth mentioning that some of them are sick and have various illnesses.

The prisons administration transferred dozens of striking detainees to civilian hospitals after entering a critical stage. Twenty striking detainees were transferred from Hadarim prison and 60 from Ohilikdar prison.

The Media Committee of the strike confirmed that the prison administration refused to publicise all information related to transferring detainees to civilian hospitals and their health conditions.

Since 38 days, striking detainees are wearing the brown uniform of the Israeli Prison Service, and they only have dirty blankets.

In a visit to the striking detainee Muhammad Al-Ghoul, he said that “insects such as bugs” spread in their cells, and that since the sixteenth day of the strike they have been unable to get clean underwear.

The occupation prison administration continues the systematic transferring of detainees between prisons via the “Bosta” vehicle (an iron wagon where detainees are kept handcuffed). In return, striking detainees send messages confirming that they will achieve victory by having their demands met.

A lawyer from Al-Dameer Institution was able to visit many striking detainees at many prisons such as Ishel, Hadarim and Ayla prison, where she met the striking detainees; Hussam Shahin, Murad Abu-sakout, Dergham Al-Araj, Muhammad Abu-sakha and Amjad Abu Lateefa. They told her about the procedures carried out against them, and the attempts of forcing them to end the strike.

The striking detainee Muhammad Abu-sakha at Ishel prison said that “the health condition of detainees is very bad,” their bodies are exhausted and they suffer from reoccurring fainting. In return, jailers procrastinate in moving them to clinics as a means of pressure to end the strike.

There are activities and events in support for the continued strike. Popular conferences will be held today in all cities in solidarity with the striking detainees. Gathering will be at sit-in tents at 11:00 am, where the activity begins at 12:00.

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