Report (MADA): Israel has made 33 violations against media freedom in April


A report released by The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) concludes that Israel has violated press and media freedom 33 times during the month of April.

April 2017 witnessed a slight decrease in the total number of violations against media freedoms in Palestine compared to a staggering number of violations recorded in March, which came in at 51 violations. Still, violations in the month of April were above the general average.
The decrease came as a result of a lower number of Palestinian violations, whereas the Israeli violations remained at the same high rate reached during March.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA” monitored a total of 41 violations against media freedoms in April that included 33 violations committed by Israeli Occupation Forces and 8 violations by Palestinian parties both in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Occupation Forces committed a total of 33 attacks against media freedom (more than 80% of all violations recorded this month).

The most prominent of these violations was the closure of four libraries in Hebron and Nablus following raiding them and confiscation of some of their contents under the pretext of “incitement”.

The Palestine TV reporter Anaal Bassem al Jadaa was injured with a gas canister, while covering a demonstration against settlement in Kafr-Qaddum village, which was fired by an Israeli soldier.
Palestine TV cameraman, Bashar Mahmud Nazzal, was shot with a rubber bullet in the leg while covering the same demonstration.

An attack on WAFA News Agency photographer, Mashhour Hasan, in Hebron and the destruction of his camera while covering events in the city was yet another incident.

Additionally, April saw the renewal of administrative detention of journalist Mohammed al-Qaiq, only 10 days before his date of release. Israeli Occupation Forces brutally attacked around 14 journalists in Jerusalem whilst covering a peaceful demonstration in the city.