Video: Harvard University Students finish 10 day trek in Palestine

PNN/ Bethlehem/

17 students from Harvard University last week finished their 10-day trek in Palestine, where they learned about different topics relating to politics, economy, health care and more.

The trek, lead by graduate Harvard students, was organized by Lajee cultural Center and 1for3 non-profit organization.

The trip included three conferences and workshops for three different specialties: Business, healthcare and education. Students in the three categories engaged with local university students and entrepreneurs  in order to learn more about each and try to seek networks and solutions for existing challenges.

The business conference hosted leading Palestinian businessmen and representatives from companies and universities, discussed business goals to be achieved, and challenges to be overcome in the Palestinian market. Health students also held a medical day at Jalazon Refugee Camp in Ramallah, where the residents received free medical check-ups and treatment.

The trip also included an educational research day, where students visited public and private schools in Bethlehem to carry out research and make a difference.

The trip resulted with tangible achievements in fields of investment, health and education, especially that the students were involved with decision makers and leaders  who aspire to make a change in Palestine and help communities grow through learning, knowledge and education empowerment.