15-year-old Palestinian killed by IOF in Bethlehem


On Monday evening at a checkpoint in the northeast of Bethlehem, Israeli border police shot and killed a 15-year-old Palestinian teenager, after he allegedly tried to stab Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint.

Israeli police released a statement on Monday, confirming that the young Palestinian had been “neutralised” and that none of the Israeli soldiers had been injured.

Luba al-Samri, Israeli police spokeswoman, said that a “dispute” arose between an Israeli soldiers and the victim, after the teenager approached the soldiers with a knife in his hand. This dispute resulted in the killing of the minor.

A massive traffic jam occurred after several Israeli soldiers ran to the scene and set up barriers after which they begin searching and investigating the incident. Local sources claim that teams from Palestinian Red Crescent weren’t allowed to enter the scene of the shooting whilst the boy laid bleeding and covered by a blanket.

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