Gaza court convicts assassin of Mazen al-Fuqaha to death


On Sunday, a military court in the Gaza Strip, sentenced the alleged assassin of Mazen al-Fuqaha, along with two accomplices, to death.

The court was ruled only little more than a week after Interior Ministry of Gaza released a statement saying that three suspects had been found.

The three men were all convicted of being collaborators with a “hostile foreign entity.” The 38-year-old “Ashraf L.” was accused of having shot al-Fuqaha and is to be killed by hanging while 44-year-old “Hisham A.” and 38-year-old “Abdallah N.”, who allegedly assisted “Ashraf L.”, were sentenced to death by firing squad.

According to Palestinian law, premeditated murder and treason are punishable by death. All death-sentences must be viewed and approved the Palestinian president before the execution. Since 2010 Hamas has carried out executions without the approval of PA President Mahmoud Abbas. It is estimated that over 25 death sentenced has been carried out by Hamas in the Gaza Strip since 2007.