Gaza official reveals details of Fuqaha’s assassination

Gaza /PNN/
The Palestinian Ministry of Interior in the Gaza Strip today released details surrounding the assassination of senior Hamas member, Mazen Fuqaha, saying the men who have been accused of murdering him have admitted to working under the instruction of Israeli intelligence service.

Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior and National Security, Tawfiq Abu Naim, said during a press conference today that wide reaching security operations were launched following the assassination of Fuqaha on 24 March to uncover the perpetrators.

He explained that the security operation included closing all crossings and the deployment of security barriers.

Abu Naim said the assassin, a 38-year-old, confessed to receiving direct orders from the Israeli intelligence agencies adding that two other people were arrested in connection with the crime.

“The investigations revealed that the Israeli security services planned and carried out the assassination and their agents have acknowledged receiving direct instructions from Israeli officers to carry out this crime.”

Abu Naim also said that the Israeli security agencies have used their agents on the ground “supported by a reconnaissance airplane to follow up and implement the assassination which has been planned for eight months”.

Abu Naim stressed that the three agents were also involved in other crimes that led to the killing of Palestinians and resistance fighters in the enclave.

On 24 March, unknown assailants fired at Fuqaha at the entrance of his home in the Tal Al-Hawa neighbourhood of Gaza City. They shot four bullets into the man’s head before they fled.

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