Mass faintings reported amongst striking prisoners

PNN/ Ramallah/

Mass faintings were witnessed among the hunger striking prisoners in Nafha prison on Sunday and several cases of prisoners vomiting blood were reported on the 28th day of the Freedom and Dignity hunger strike.

The media committee of the strike said in a statement on Sunday that the lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoner Society was able to visit the striking prisoners Mohammed al-Ghoul and Yahya Ibrahim, who are both from Tulkarem. He was informed that the health condition of the striking prisoners, who lost 20 kg of their weight, is aggravating over time. However, the Israel Prison Service (IPS) continues its abusive measures against them.

The two prisoners said that the health condition of 90% of the strikers has entered a difficult stage. When a prisoner faints, they pointed out, the IPS transfers him to a field clinic where no proper treatment is available.

They affirmed that the prisoners in Nafha prison will continue in their hunger strike despite everything they face and that they will never stop except by a decision of the strike’s leaders.