Lawyers document Israeli punitive measures against prisoners

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Media Committee of the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs and the Palestinian Prisoners’ society, present the summary of the twenty seventh day of the collective hunger strike, which was embarked by the prisoners’ movement in the Israeli jails, under the title of “Freedom and Dignity strike” since 17th April, 2017

-Detainees carry on the battle of freedom and dignity in the Israeli jails, in request for their basic demands which are denied by the prisons’ administration, and which was achieved previously through embarking many hunger strikes. The most prominent demands include: ending the policy of administrative detention, ending the policy of solitary confinement, ending the policy of banning families’ and lawyers’ visits, ending the policy of medical negligence and other legitimate demands.

-The Media Committee negates the rumor on the martyrdom of one of the striking detainees in the Israeli jails, and calls to not circulate any information on the health of the striking detainees before being sure from official sources.

-For the twenty seventh day respectively, the prisons’ administration carries on its punitive and disciplinary measures and sanctions against the striking detainees. Lawyers from Human Rights organizations have documented those measures through many visits, such as; attacking detainees using tear gas and sniffer dogs, isolating them in narrow and dirty cells, depriving them of going out the cells for a break, and forcing them to drink from bathroom taps, in addition to the measures carried out since the beginning of the strike, including confiscating their personal belongings, taking off their clothes and keep only the uniform of Prison Service.

-Moving tens of striking detainees whose health condition has deteriorated to the field hospitals, which were turned to places for displaying food and spreading rumors to put pressure on the striking detainees and discourage them from continuing the strike.

-Until May 12, 2017, no formal negotiations have been conducted between the administration of Prison Service and the striking detainees. On the other hand, detainees insist to continue their strike until they achieve their just and legitimate demands and they abide by the decision of the strike leadership.

-According to the program of the National Committee for supporting the strike, Sunday will be the day of escalation in the field on all checkpoints. The gathering of Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate will be at 11:00 am near the Medical Pharmaceuticals Company and then to the Beit Eil checkpoint.

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