General H.R. McMaster :Trump to Express Support for Palestinian ‘Self-determination’


Trump’s National Security Adviser, General H.R. McMaster, used that phrase during a rare appearance at the White House’s daily press briefing on Friday, seemingly echoing Palestinian President Abbas’ comments at the White House. This is the most senior official in the administration to have clearly stated this as an objective.

According HAARETZ Israeli newspaper McMaster said :”During his visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority in ten days, President Donald Trump will express his support for the Palestinian people’s aspirations for “self-determination.”

McMaster also said Trump will use the trip to promote a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and to reaffirm America’s “unshakable bond” with Israel.

In reply to a question on whether a trilateral meeting between Trump, Abbas and Netanyahu would take place during the visit, McMaster said it is “up to the president and those leaders.”