Masar Ibrahim concludes 21-day hike from northern to southern West Bank

PNN/ Hebron/

Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil organization just finished a 21 day hike with a number of youths who started the trip from Rummana village northern West Bank, and walked over 330 kilometers, ending in Beit Marsam village, south of Hebron.

Executive Director of Masar Ibrahim, George Rishmaw, said that this day is a historic day in the field of Palestinian tourism, since this hike is the first of its kind, especially that it was carried out for 21 days nonstop, on foot.

Rishmawi added that the tourism hikes are an essential part to promoting inner tourism in Palestine and to supporting the Palestinian economy.

Ibrahim Odeh from partner company, Palestine Wildlife Society, said that this is a very unique experience for the Palestinian society, hoping for more similar hikes that aim to introduce hikers to the nature, environment, history, culture and wildlife of Palestine.

To his part, Abdul-Hafez Dababsa from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said that this hike has focused on different historic sites in Hebron that date back to ages. One of them is Innab church in Hebron.

The hike passed through Thahiriyya town in the southern Hebron Hills as well, and this played a major role in highlighting its sights and history.

Head of the Thahiriyya municipality also than

ked the organizers for including the town in the hike.