ICRC to visit Marwan Barghouthi in prison

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Media Committee of the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs and the Palestinian Prisoners’ society, present the summary of the twenty fourth day of the collective hunger strike, which was embarked by the prisoners’ movement in the Israeli jails, under the title of “Freedom and Dignity strike” since 17th April, 2017.

-Detainees carry on the battle of freedom and dignity in the Israeli jails, in request for their basic demands which are denied by the prisons’ administration, and which was achieved previously through embarking many hunger strikes. The most prominent demands include: ending the policy of administrative detention, ending the policy of solitary confinement, ending the policy of banning families’ and lawyers’ visits, ending the policy of medical negligence and other legitimate demands.

-The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is supposed to carry out a visit to the detainee Marwan Barghouthi on Thursday, after the prevention of prisons’ administration to the lawyers and international committees from his visit since the beginning of the strike on 17 April 2017.

-On the twenty fourth day of the strike, detainees suffer from difficulty in movement, pains in the stomach and head, drought in the throat and reduction in blood pressure.

– The Media Committee of the strike states “that the administration of Nitzan isolation at Ramlah prison deprived the detainees of the sunlight, prevented them from going outside the cells for a break and covered the windows of the cells. During the visit for the striking detainees Hussam Shaheen, Abd Albaset Shawahneh and Nasser Abu Hmaid, they confirmed that the prison administration is continuing its disciplinary and punitive measures. The prison administration is implementing a plan in which they provide sick detainees with salt when they leave the clinic, and then storm the sections to confiscate the salt again.

-The National Committee for supporting the strike states: “Thursday will be a day of anger and victory for the striking detainees. It calls upon all our people to take part in the activities in all Palestinian cities.

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