Video: First International Conference on Climate Change launched in Ramallah

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The Palestine Engineers Association on Monday, 8 May 2017, launched the First International Conference on Climate Change in Palestine; an event which gathered hundreds of researchers, engineers scientists, decision-makers, governmental agencies and social movements from 12 different countries.

All participants came in hopes to come up with strategies, policies and actions to reduce the greenhouse emissions and assessing developments in adaptation and mitigation technologies.

Head of the PEA, Eng. Majdi Al-Saleh thanked president Mahmoud Abbas for sponsoring the conference and welcomed the guests and the engineers who made it from different Arab and international backgrounds.

To his part, The Scientific Committee Chairman of the Engineering Association, Dr. Eng. Nidal Mahmoud, confirmed the importance of such conference, particularly since global warming is an international and ongoing issue which all people around the world, and future generations, including Palestinians, are involved in.

The conference also points out the impact of occupation on the environment of Palestine, since it restricts the Palestinian adaptive capacities and ability for implementing mitigation plans. However, Palestinians, holding such a conference that is important not only for Palestine, but to all people of the world, counts as a step towards hope, independence and a better future.



One of the speakers, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Board Director of WEnergy Global Pte Ltd based in Singapore, Atem S. Ramsundersingh, said that the climate change is specifically important for Palestinians since the West Bank and Gaza are isolated from other parts of the world, which restricts their ability to solve this issue and be able to develop technologies and strategies regarding global warming and change in climate.

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