Celtic fans raise Palestinian flag in solidarity with prisoners

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The fans of the Scottish Celtic football club lately launched a solidarity campaign with the hunger striking Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, upon request from Lajee Center located in Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem.

Head of the international relations unit of Lajee Center, Mohammad AlAzraq, said that the Celtic Fans, AKA the Green Brigade, held many activities to show solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners, including raising the Palestinian flag and solidarity with prisoners and showcasing the prisoners’ struggle in occupation jails.

The activity during the match included raising photos of the prisoners, headed by leader Marwan Barghouthi, and photos of other prisoners who have been serving yeqars in Israeli jails.

The move stresses support of human rights and solidarity with prisoners’ demands of freedom.

Alazraq, on behalf of Lajee, expressed sincere thanks to the Celticsa for their ongoing support to the Palestinian cause, saying that it is a clear humane stand that callls for justice, which is a stand that it rarely expressed by European clubs.

In August 2017, the Celtic fans defied the UEFA ban of the Palestinian flag, raising it during a football match with the Israeli team, Be’er Sheva Hapoel. Even after the Uefa imposed a “disciplinary charge” of about £80,000 for the team, The Green Brigades started a fundraising campaign at the Gofundme website, gaining support from all over the world. Raising the hashtag #matchthefineforpalestine, the contributions hit £136,687 within only three days, which were used to pay the fine and as charity to institutions in Aida camp, including Lajee Center.

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