Israel launches open war against Jerusalem on the 50th anniversary of its occupation


By: Madeeha Araj/

The National Bureau warned of the risks of the settlement schemes that the Israeli government began to speak about as they are backed by Netanyahu and Nir Barakat  municipality in Jerusalem, which include a “government plan” to build 25,000 new settlement units in different parts of Jerusalem on the 50th anniversary of occupying the city.

The Israeli Ministry of Housing is putting forward a massive settlement plan to expand Jewish neighbourhoods at the expense of the Jerusalem Airport and Qalandia lands through setting up such schemes of which 15,000 units are to be built in the neighbourhoods of Atarot and Ramat Shlomo to the north of Jerusalem, and in Giv’at Hamots to the south on the previous.

On a land confiscated by the Labour government in the early 70s, besides, digging a tunnel under the neighbourhood of Kafr Aqeb in order to link the new settlement with the Eastern settlement complex that existed outside the Apartheid Wall to separate the Palestinian neighbourhoods between Jerusalem and Ramallah, and to impose a complete siege on the city of Jerusalem and isolate it from the West Bank. In addition to 10,000 settlement units near the Al-Malha area, and in the “Arnona ,” “Ramat Rachel” and “Ein Karem” to the west of the occupied city. The scheme costs about NIS 4,000,000,000, supported by the Israeli Housing Minister, Yoav Galant .

 Moreover, the occupation municipality announced the confiscation of a land in the Ras Al-Amood area under the pretext of public interest.  Experts said that the land, which extends on ​​1300 meters located near the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Meanwhile, the military commander of the occupation army in the centre area, Roni Noumah, has signed an order last week to expand the power of the settlement regional council “Mati Benjamin”, which means expanding the area of ​​influence in the “Shilo” settlement in the occupied West Bank.

 On the other hand, the “Honnu” Association, which represents hundreds of extreme right activists has received the Israeli Government’s financial support, which provided funds and free judicial consultation to a number of Jewish terrorists families including the murderers of Abu Khudair and the suspected  of burning the Dawabsha family, and perpetrators of Ein-Qara massacre and others.

Over the Last Week, the Following Israeli Occupation Army and Right-wing Settlers’ Violations were documented by the National Bureau:


  • Israeli soldiers handed over 2-demolition orders of houses in the Silwan town under the pretext of not having licenses.
  • Settlers stoned and wounded 4 girls in the Soor Bahir village near Jerusalem.
  • 2 children were also hit by a car as settler dashed them. Moh’d Mosa Atoon and his sister Nada. Moh’d wss badly beaten in the head while Nada got some bruises and wounds.


  • A child, Wael Yosif Awawdeh, 6, was wounded by a live-bullet fired by a settler at Karma area, Hebron.  Sources at the Alia Governmental Hospital said Awawdeh was admitted to the hospital for treatment.
  • Israeli occupation authorities warned to demolish water wells and houses belonging to Isma’il Husein Awad and Olaian Awad at Khirbat Al-Fkheit east of Yatta town, Hebron. Moreover, demolishing orders were handed over to demolish residential structures in the Khirbat belonging to Moh’d Salim Amour and Moh’ Al-Amour.
  • The Israeli occupation forces also carried out raids on Palestinian villages in the area of ​​”Mussafer Yatta” south of Hebron city (south of occupied Jerusalem) and handed down notices to stop the work in agricultural facilities and handed over two Palestinian farmers notifications to stop construction of agricultural barks in the area. It was built without a permit in Area C, under full Israeli control.
  • Invading the Palestinian villages in the Mussafer Yatta area to the south of Hebron city, and handed over notices to stop work in the agricultural facilities, and handed over 2 orders to farmers notifications to stop construction of agricultural barks in the area under the pretext of building without licenses in C Area that are under full Israeli control.


  • Bulldozing lands planted with almonds and grapes at Wad Al-Ghayt area in Al-Khader village, south of Bethlehem, near the Sidi Bouaz settlement that built on a private Palestinian land on a-10 donums area belonging to Ibrahim Sbeih, in order to expand the settlement and to erect caravans.
  • Burning 100 olive trees in lands close to the Azzibar settlement belonging to citizens, Mobarak and Moh’d Zawahara.
  • Notifying an under construction Basic School at Jab Al-Deeb area, east of Bethlehem to stop construction works.
  • Closing the Al-Walaja village, southwest of Jerusalem, with an electronic wall that completely closes the village from all sides.


  • Demolishing 6 commercial establishments in the Ni’lin town, west of Ramallah under the pretext of being close to the Israeli occupation Checkpoint.
  • Settlers from the Pisgut settlement located on the Al-Bireh land Fired Palestinian youths participating in the mass rally in Ramallah.


  • A number of settlers attacked an elderly woman, Badi’a Hamdan, 72, and Ahmed Yosif Odeh in the Hawara town, with stones and sharp machines. The injured were taken to hospitals for treatment.
  • More than 100 settlers attacked the eastern area of ​​the Urif town south of Nablus, confrontation took place with citizens. Four Palestinians were injured by Israeli troops who came to support the settlers.
  • For 3 days, the Israeli occupation forces conducted heavy military training in Khirbet Al-Tawil east of Aqraba south of Nablus, during which they destroyed cultivated areas. Settlers burned a vehicle belonging to Mostafa Al-Dumeidi from the town of Hawara.
  • Breaking into the Yusuf’s tomb, east of Nablus under the Israeli security.
  • A group of settlers from the Giv’at Roniya settlement burned olive trees and summer crops in the eastern area of ​​Burin. Confrontation took place in the area.  Israeli occupation forces reached the site and started firing tear gas bombs at the Palestinian citizens.


  • Waste-water of the Ariel settlement polluted the valley (Wadi Haiaj) area north of the Salfit city in the northern West Bank.
  • Scores of settlers protected by Israeli jeeps stormed the Kafel Hares town, Salfit, and broke into religious shrines and performed Talmudic rites and chanted slogans against the Arabs.

Jordan Valley:

  • The Israeli occupation forces ordered 12 Palestinian families from Al-Ras Al-Ahmar to randomly leave their homes for 2 days in a week under the pretext of military training.
  • Settlers grazed their cows in the Ain Al-Sakot area in the northern Jordan Valley and erected a tent, and they prevented the Palestinians from grazing their sheep there.
  • Israeli military Camp near the Um-Zoqa Reserve in the north of the Jordan Valley provided water to the illegal settlement outpost.
  • Settlers of the Mehyula’s settlement that was built on the lands of the citizens of the village of Ein al-Sakut in the northern Jordan Valley carried out provocative acts against residents of the village in order to prevent the Palestinian from reaching the water wells. Furthermore, the Israeli occupation forces destroyed all pipelines that transfer water to Bardalah village, and did military training near the tents of the citizens there.


  • Group of settlers accompanied by Israeli soldiers invaded what was known as the Kedim settlement at the entrance of Jenin city, which the occupation forces unilaterally evacuated in 2005; settlers also chanted anti-Arab insults and slogans.
  • Bulldozing 30 donums from the Dahr Al-Maleh village located inside the annexation wall, north of Yabed, Jenine in order to expand the Shaked settlement. Worth mentioning here that the land belongs to the Khatib and Kilani families.
  • Bulldozing lands near the main entrance of Arrabah.
  • Settlers attacked vehicle of Ali Ahmad Qabha, near the Deir Sharaf, town, Nablus.  They hit him causing fractures and bruses in his body.


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