CEC launches media awareness campaign on election campaigning and voting

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Central Elections Commission launched today a massive media and awareness campaign on electoral campaigning and voting as part of its preparations for the elections day on 13 May 2017.

Various awareness messages were disseminated through newspapers, TV and radio spots, billboards, and social media in addition to field awareness activities conducted by 40 of CEC’s field supervisors across the districts of the West Bank.

All print and audio visual material were produced taken into consideration the needs of persons with disabilities and the illiterate. The CEC published 5000 brochures in Braille and various brochures in illustrative pictures on how to vote targeting the illiterate.

The CEC has also published more than half a million educational brochures, tens of newspaper ads and broadcasted a number of TV and radio spots. The CEC has also operated a toll-free line: 1800300400 to answer any queries on electoral procedures, complaints and polling centers. The CEC’s webpage also allows registered voters to verify the locations of their polling centers.


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