Prisoners suffer health deterioration as they enter 10th day of strike

PNN/ Ramallah/

The media and communication committee – Commission of Detainees and Ex- Detainees Affairs (CDA) and Prisoners Society presented the summary the ninth day of the collective hunger strike (25 April 2017), which  was launched by Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails (freedom and Dignity strike).

-For the ninth day respectively, about 1500 detainees in the Israeli jails continue their open hunger strike to regain their rights, represented in ending the policy of administrative detention, solitary confinement and the prevention of lawyer and family visits and other legal demands.

-Health deterioration for many detainees on hunger strike, including Maslama Thabet, Muhammad Abed-rabu and Amjad Al-namoura

-The administration of the occupation prisons continue in the process of moving the striking detainees between prisons, where they moved Muhammad Musleh, Basel Areef, Naem Musran, Deya’ Agha, Rami Al-ailah and Hussain Al-zar’e from Jeboa prison to Nafaha prison

-The Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate called on the Palestinian radio stations to dedicate an open broadcast to cover the incidents of “freedom and dignity hunger strike” on its tenth day, (Wednesday 26/4/2017). It also invited all journalists to attend the sit-in strikes and participate in the events scheduled on Thursday 27/4/2017 at 11:00 am.

-The Media Committee of the “freedom and dignity hunger strike” and a group of activists and journalists called for the communication on social media to support the striking detainees on their tenth day, at 8:00pm using the Hashtag: #اضراب_الكرامة و#dignitystrike و‫#‏שביתת_הכבוד.

-The National Committee for supporting the strike called for a general strike on (Thursday, April 27,2017) and launching a campaign to boycott the occupation products.

-The lawyers of the Palestinian institutions working on the detainees’ affairs boycott the occupation courts for the fifth day respectively, in response to the repressive measures carried out by the occupation authorities, such as: isolating the striking detainees and refusing the lawyers and family visits.

-The administration of the Prison Service impose punitive measures to confront the striking detainees, especially the leaders of the strike, including: moving the striking detainees and isolating them, confiscating their belongings, depriving them from watching TV, reducing the time of their break and depriving them from the canteen.

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