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Israeli settlers brutally attacking peace activists

By: Madeeha Araj/

Within the framework of documenting the Israeli and settlers’ violations and provocations against the Palestinians and their properties, the National Bureau called on the UN Security Council to enforce its resolutions on Israel to halt its mad colonial activities, and to disclose the Israeli racist nature and its serious violations of the International Law and Human Rights. Likewise, the Bureau condemned the barbecue organized by the extremist settlers near the Israeli Ofer Prison near the Ramallah city, attempting to provoke our prisoners, who are sitting-in a hunger strike for the 9th day in a row, and their violent behaviour against Ta’ayush i.e. the Israeli Peace Activists of whom 5 were injured, one was in the head, while joining the Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the city.

For its part, activist Eyal Razz at Ta’ayush Movement said, 15 settlers came to us carrying sticks and stones; we kept silent and tried to call them down.  Actually, those people feel that they can do whatever they like, and no one can stop them. It was a scary situation. Thus, we went to the settlement police station, and filed a complaint.

Defying the International Legitimacy’s Resolution, especially, the UN Security Council Resolution 2334, the Israeli occupation authorities within the framework of a wide settlement plan, have decided to establish 212 new housing units in the occupied Jerusalem, West Bank, awaiting the Local Committee for Planning and Building’s approval of the new and separate settlement scheme to build 122 settlement housing units at the “Pisgat Ze’ev” settlement and 90 others at the “Ramat Shlomo” settlement in Jerusalem. Taking into account that the above mentioned settlement scheme is the first to be implemented under the new US administration’s era.

Within the context, the 2nd Israeli Channel disclosed a compromise that was crystallized between Israel and the US that requires the American’s approval to establish new and alternative settlement for the evacuated Amona settlement outpost, and its recognition of 1000s of settlement units in the West Bank and Jerusalem in return for Netanyahu’s consent to rein construction in settlements of the West Bank, but major settlement blocs. As for the Israeli Ministry of Housing, it stated that 2 buildings were built by the Amidar Co. at the Beit Eil settlement, on a private Palestinian land of the Dura Al-Qar’i village, near Ramallah.

Then again, a group of Israeli settlers held a barbecue party outside the Ofer Prison, west of Ramallah, in response to the collective hunger strike lead by 1500 Palestinian prisoners, where violent confrontations took place following a solidarity march reached the site.  A youngster was injured; many others suffocated of whom, Trans Media’s photographer, Islam Sarafandi due to firing tear gas bombs.

Over the Last Week, the Following Israeli Occupation Army and Right-wing Settlers’ Violations were documented by the National Bureau:


  • Creating unhealthy environment due to disposing waste-water on the agricultural land behind the Jalazone Boys Schools, which caused the destruction of a number of agricultural crops and the spread of epidemics and diseases.
  • Holding a barbecue party in front of the Israeli “Ofer” prison west of the West Bank city of Ramallah in order to provoke the prisoners, who are sitting in hunger strike and to break their steadfastness.
  • Approaching and attacking the group of activists accompanying Palestinian shepherds near a West Bank settlement, throwing stones and hitting them with clubs, injuring 5 of them.


  • Demolishing 2-residential Est. belonging to the citizens; Moh’d Amin Shkirat and Ammar Salameh Hadidoun, at the Jabal al-Mukaber, in the occupied Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without permits.
  • Destroying a farm at the Al-Essawiya town, belonging to the citizen, Murad Ziad Mustafa, under the pretext of non-licensed.
  • Invading the Al-Aqsa Mosque during the Jewish “Passover” holidays, and that the invasion this year is the largest over the last few years, as it annually rises by 33%.


  • Breaking into the Masafer Yatta School, and photographing a number of houses in the area, where demolishing orders have been handed over in the past notices to demolish the school in order to pressure the population there to leave their land and to expand the settlement activities.
  • A notification to strop work in a stone quarry in Beit-Umar, north of Hebron that was operating since 18 years, was handed over to Yousef Abu Ayyash, owner of the Quarry. Moreover, seizing a Bagher and a bulldozer at the site


  • Disposing waste water at agricultural land planted with olives and almonds trees in the Beit-Ta’mir village, causing the destruction of a large number of olive and almond trees and spreading epidemics and diseases in the area.
  • A13 years old, Kawthar Moh’d Shawia, from the Taqu’a town to the east of Bethlehem city, was run over while crossing the bypass road near the town, causing her injuries.


  • Confrontation between the residents of Burin village, and right-wing settlers, who tried to storm the village from its eastern entrance after they set fire to a number of olive farms.
  • Breaking into the Joseph’s tomb and performing their prayers.  Official of the West Bank settlements, Yosi Dagan, said “The day will come when we pray on daily bases instead of monthly.
  • Erecting a balloon provided with a curate cameras at the Za’tara checkpoint located between the Nablus – Ramallah Highway, to provide protection to the settlers there.


  • Storming the Kifl-Hares town under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces in order to let settlers perform Talmudic rites in the area, thus, preventing the citizen from moving in the town.

Jordan Valley:

  • Storming the Khallet Makhool in the Jordan Valley, and Xeroxing identities of some citizens in the area. Worth mentioning here that the Khallet Makhool is a community near Tubas, whose residents are harassed continuously by the occupation and the settlers.
  • Attacking and expelling sheep-herders near ‘Ein al-Sakut in the northern Jordan Valley confiscating agricultural tractors from farms at Al-Ras Al-Ahmar near the Tamoon village.


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