Third day of ‘Freedom and Dignity’ Collective Hunger Strike

PNN/ Bethlehem/

 For the third day of the detainees’ hunger strike, the Israeli Prison Service carried out campaigns to transfer hundreds of detainees to the solitary confinement in many prisons, after taking their personal belongings such as blankets and clothing.

Concerning the visits, the administration of the prisons of the occupation prevented prisoners from meeting with lawyers. The Israeli authorities responded to the complaint in this regard,that a statement issued by the Israeli Ministry of Justice for the Prison Service confirms that it is illegal to prevent all hunger strikers from visiting.

According to the latest information concerning the transfer, 70 detaineeson hunger strike were transferred to Ramleh prison, 40 of whom were transferred from Hadarim Prison, 30 transferred from Nafha, Raymond and Ashkelon prisons.

Approximately 1500 detainees who began a hunger strike in the prisons of the occupation on the date of 17 April, 2017.

The demands of the Palestinian detainees revolve around the right to have proper visits by their families, having proper health care, ending the solitary confinement, changing the inhume way of transportation between prisons and other similar basic needs issues.

Source: Commission of Detainees and Ex- Detainees (CDA) and Prisoners Society

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