Jabal Al- Baba villagers write "We Shall Stay Here" with stone

We Shall Stay Here: Palestinians challenge demolition order with stones

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The villagers in Jabal Al-Baba community, East Jerusalem, wrote “We Shall Stay Here” with stones to challenge an Israeli demolition and eviction order, which aims to expand and annex the illegal Ma’ale Adumim settlement, central West Bank.

Families in the community said that the writing is a message from Jerusalem to tells the occupation “We shall stay here and never leave our homeland”. 

The message was written in bold letters, on a width of 100 X 30 meters, and is located opposite to the settlement road which is taken daily by thousands of settlers.

Israeli court has delayed demolition orders of the homes in the area until the end of April, in an attempt to displace the Palestinians in the village from its people, who call the order an “ethnic cleansing process” which also aims to Judaize Jerusalem.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have recently signed a petition by Avaaz last month, which calls on the EU to immediately interfere and halt the demolition.

In 2014, Israel carried out 43 demolitions in the community, which has the population of 300 people.

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