Settlers provoke Palestinian citizens during Jewish Passover

 By: Madeeha Araj/ 

Under the protection of the Israeli occupation police and Civil Administration, right wing Israeli settlers intensified their provocative measures against the Palestinian citizens during the Easter Festival, especially in occupied Jerusalem and its surroundings.

The so-called Jerusalem Envelope Settlement Commission began monitoring construction implemented by the Palestinian citizens in 20-Arab Bedouin communities near the occupied Jerusalem, particularly the Easter Festivals, as the Civil Administration’s crews are off.

Moreover, the commission works against the Palestinian-European legal construction that takes place in East Jerusalem, particularly “road-1” that links Jerusalem with the Dead Sea.  Its members are also documenting and monitoring the Palestinians’ construction on their land, and then submitting their documents and filming to the Israeli Police and the Civil Administration in order to demolish them later on. Within the context, the occupation authorities refrain from removing 14-mobile homes that were erected on a hill located between “Ofra and Amona settlements near Ramallah, despite the evacuation order of the Amona outpost 2 months ago.

The National Bureau condemned the so-called Civil Administration’s intention to keep those caravans, especially after the enactment of the settlement law, which allows the occupation authorities to confiscate more private Palestinian lands. The Bureau called on the world countries to hold their responsibilities towards the Israeli violations of the International and Humanitarian Laws, the Geneva Conventions and Security Council resolution 2334, and settlement in the Occupied Palestine. On another hand, the Israeli government approved the allocation of NIS 10,000,000 as a budget besides millions of shekels collected by the official and governmental bodies in order to finance the 50 years on the so-called liberating Jerusalem under the slogan “confirming the historical and cultural relationship of the Jewish people in the West Bank, the Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley,” and the budgeted might reach up to NIS 150,000,000.

Within the context, the Israeli PM Netanyahu announced his support for the initiative of Naftali Bennett and Miri Regev, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Six Days War at Gush Etzion in the West Bank. In a joint statement, the 2 ministers said, “Judea and Samaria” must be above all political differences. The statement showed that the ministries of Education and Culture will allocate NIS 10,000,000 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of what they called the Israeli shining victory in the 6 Days War to liberate Judea and Samaria, the Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley”.

As for the EcoPeace Middle East Organization \ Friends of the Earth’s statement that stressed its solid position on rejecting the Israeli settlement and said it is not only illegal under international law, but also prevent the Palestinians from accessing their lands and their natural resources. The statement added that the settlements’ expansion contradicts with the efforts exerted to achieve a two-state solution and a lasting peace.

Over the Last Week, the Following Israeli Occupation Army and Right-wing Settlers’ Violations were documented by the National Bureau:


  • Desecrating the yards of Al-Aqsa Mosque and launching a large search campaign in its facilities, breaking the locks of its doors and removing some others, entering the mosques with their shoes headed by the extremists’ settlers, Moshe Feiglin and Yahuda Atzoni, who are calling for erecting the Temple on the Al-Aqsa Mosque’s ruins.
  • Promoting a tourist project aimed at narrating the Jewish version through performing theatrical Talmudic rituals in the Old City along the road from Hebron Gate to the Western Wall.
  • Hanging over 10,000 Israeli flags throughout Jerusalem, especially on the Old Jerusalem’s walls, the Umayyad Palaces and in the Al-Buraq Yard, in order to mark the 50th anniversary of the occupation of the two parts of the city. According to the municipality, the hanging of the Israeli flags will be the most important event, where 10,000 flags will be published, which means 3 times the amount of flags hung in previous years.
  • Damaging more than 50 Palestinian houses due to the excavation works in a different parts of Silwan city. Moreover, the municipality issued a decision to evacuate and close 3 apartments belonging to the Awaida family at the Wadi-Hilwah neighbourhood, Silwan.
  • Handing over a demolition order to the Abdullah Al-Sanawi Mosque in the Deir Al-Sunna neighbourhood in, Silwan, under the pretext of constructed without licence.
  • Writing hostile and revenge slogans against the Palestinians at the Baqaa neighbourhood in Jerusalem.
  • Uprooting more than 310 olive trees in the Mikhmas village near Jerusalem,


  • Tightening military operations in various parts of the Hebron city due to the Jewish settlers’ celebrations in the down town of the city, forcing residents of Bab Al-Zawiyeh to close their shops and not to use the Be’er Sheva road because scores of settlers perform Talmudic rituals.
  • Deploying occupation soldiers among the residential neighbourhoods and in the Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in order to carry out their prayers in yards of the Mosque.
  • Storming the ​​Ein Fara area to the north of Dura town, and erecting tents for settlers’ celebrations.
  • Attacking a 14-year-old child, Hassan Al-Shaloudi, while he was on his way to school, causing him several bruises as he refused to open his school bag, and then taken to the hospital.
  • Settlers broke into the Yatta town’s Club, while the Israeli occupation forces stationed on roofs of the buildings and high places, and scrutinized the Palestinians Ids and vehicles.



  • Right wing settlers uprooted 310 old olive trees near road 60 belonging to citizens, Ali Aref Haj, Abd Al-Samee and his brother Dahesh Mohanna at the Mikhmas village in Jerusalem. They also uprooted 200 olive trees from the village 2 years ago.
  • Four Palestinian families in the Jabal Tawil area, ​​Al-Bireh, received demolishing orders of their homes near the settlement of Psagot, built on the land of Al-Bireh city.


  • Under the protection of the Israeli occupation soldiers, hundreds of settlers stormed the Sabastia’s historic area near Nablus, and said they will stay there for 3 days.


  • Bulldozing and erecting barbed-wire fences in some lands of villages and towns of Salfit Governorate, thus, preventing farmers and shepherds from entering them.
  • Bulldozing ​​agricultural lands near the Kafr-Al-Dik and Deir-Samaan villages under the pretext of archaeological excavations and construction of new settlement units so as to be added to Lasheim settlement. Farmer, Mah’d Deek said that the northern area of ​​Kafr Al-Dik is fully under settlers’ control, and that the bypass roads continuously loot the land.
  • Uprooting of 18 old olive trees near the Deir-Balut town to the west of Salfit.
  • Invading the Kifl Hares town in Salfit under the pretext of visiting the shrine of ZulKifl.


  • Bulldozing lands around the Jbarah Checkpoint south of Tulkarm.
  • Disposing the remnants of construction nearby the Jbarah checkpoint on a land belonging to Saleem Mah’d Omar from Faroun village that planted with Olive trees.

Jordan Valley:

  • Increasing the number of settlers in an outpost near Al-Mozawqah area in the Jordan Valley, providing them with solar cells, and confiscating 100s of donums there.

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