Hamas makes more arrests on suspected Israeli collaborators


The Interior Ministry in Gaza released a statement on Tuesday, saying that more arrests on the suspicion of cooperation with Israel had been made, and that anyone convicted of treason would be executed in the near future.

The statement gave no direct reference to the assassination of al-Qassam Brigade general, Mazen al-Fuqaha, however prior to the arrests, local media reported that the investigation had reached a conclusion. This has not yet been verified by the Hamas Interior Ministry.

Hamas had previously launched a campaign which encouraged collaborators with Israel to turn themselves in, in return for amnesty. Some sources now claim that the opportunity to receive amnesty has been abandoned by Hamas.

On monday, a Hamas source, reported that some collaborators had turned themselves in and been given amnesty. Those who did so had cut off contact with their Israeli handlers as they feared they would be pressured to not surrender.

Israel has denied any participation in the assassination of al-Fuqaha and Israeli Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman claimed in an interview, that it was an inside job.

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