Israel approves construction of new settlement, provides new budgets to develop others

By: Madeeha Araj/

The Palestinian people throughout the entire world mark the 41st anniversary of the Land Day in order to reaffirm their steadfastness to their land, while the occupation government imposing a de-facto position on the ground attempting to obliterate this fact as its policies are based on confiscating and grabbing more and more of the Palestinian lands.

Thus, the Israeli government spares no chance to fulfil its obligations to the Amona settlers as it approved the construction of a new settlement east of Shilo settlement on a private Palestinian land, to be the only new settlement built by a government resolution since 1992. PM Netanyaho informed his the inner cabinet on the resolution that considered the 900 donums of the lands of the Qarioot, Al-Sawiya, Al-Lubban Al-Sharqiya, Sinjil and Tormosaia south of Nablus, as a state land allocated for establishing a new settlement instead of the recently evacuated Amona one in response to the settlers’ pressure, which will vehemently lead to apartheid.

The cabinet also approved the continuation of construction in and around the settlements built on the occupied West Bank, using the terms “controlling of settlement construction” in an attempt to deceive the new US administration. Moreover, PM Netanyahu informed the Israeli ministers during a session about his decision for marketing of 2,000 settlement units out of 5,700 ones, which were delayed for unclear reasons months ago.

Within the context, the National Bureau considered the approval of constructing this new settlement as a direct challenge to the Arab summit held recently at the Dead Sea, and a flagrant violation to the international legitimacy and the international community’s will, particularly, UN Resolution 2334, which called for halting settlement in the occupied Palestine. And a test of the discussed understandings between Israel and the US, which requires US approval for the establishment of a new alternative settlement for residents of the evacuated Amona settlement outpost. Furthermore, a new settlement scheme was revealed at the Maale Adumim settlement, which included erecting a 100- donum yard, supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Communications, for training new Israeli drivers of busses and vehicles.

The Finance Committee at the Israeli Knesset, headed by Moshe Gafni, approved the transfer of NIS 27,000,000 as a gift to the West Bank settlements’ councils, including NIS 4.5,000,000 for Ma’aleh Adumim. The committee also approved the allocation of NIS 30,000,000 to increase protection of buses travel among the settlements built in the West Bank.

Last week, the Israeli army carried out a 4-day military training in the West Bank. The largest in the last 5 years. The stockperson of the Israeli army, said, the training was planed previously aiming to keep the Israeli forces ready and prepared, adding the training was accompanied by the evacuation of many Bedouin families living there.
Recently, the Israeli statements on denying any political settlement on the basis of the two-state solution was intensified, but instead they called for intensifying settlement activity throughout the West Bank and the Jerusalem Governorate. Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, Tzipi Hatobili said in a conference held in Washington that Israel won’t withdraw to the 1967 borders in accordance to the two-state solution vision, adding that the population at the Israeli settlements in the West Bank must be 1,000,000 as they are currently about 650,000 settlers in order to undermine any chance of a viable and sovereign Palestinian state alongside with the State of Israel. The extremist rabbi of the Jewish home party, Eli Bin Dahan, and the deputy minister of the Israeli Army said, Israel must impose its sovereignty on the West Bank.

In a remarkable development, the International Federation of Human Rights – FIDH revealed in its report that 5 French financial institutions: BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, BBCA and AXA Insurance company are financing the Zionist settlement in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and directly contributes to the sustainability and development of those settlements through the Zionist banks and companies working in the settlements.

Over the Last Week, the Following Israeli Occupation Army and Right-wing Settlers’ Violations Were Documented by the National Bureau:

Right-wing settlers Attacked Palestinian citizens and damaged tires of their vehicles parking next to the Spanish Consulate in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in the occupied Jerusalem. They also wrote racist slogans on some of them.

– A new initiative to organize the celebrations of the (Jewish puberty) in the Al-Aqsa Mosque soon instead of the Al-Buraq “Western Wall”, where a number of boys and their parents have agreed to join this initiative. Moreover, the Temple Organizations asked the Israeli government to accept making their offerings in the Al-Aqsa Mosque during the Easter holiday coming April.

– New calls for storming and performing the Talmudic prayers at the Al-Aqsa during Easter holiday.

– Expanding the Qalandia Checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah, corridors at a cost of NIS 40,000,000 will be added. Moreover, the Israeli Civil Administration at the Israeli army revealed that the work will be made on two tracks to rehabilitate and increase the number of the pedestrian crossings by 6 corridors to Jerusalem, and another to the West Bank. According to the source, the Israeli expansion includes 22 checkpoints. For his part, head of the Directorate of DCO at the Jerusalem Suburbs, said that the work will include the construction of a large Hall with car parks, public station and a large umbrella for passengers going to Ramallah as well as a pedestrian bridge will be erected on them, adding that these renovations and expansions will last for 18 months at a cost of about NIS 40,000,000.

– Bulldozing a house under construction belonging to Ahmed Abu Al-Homos, and another residential building under construction belonging to the Mhaisin family in the Al-Esawiya village northeast of occupied Jerusalem.

– Breaking into houses of the brothers Islam and Imam Mosa Al-Abbasi, at the Jabal al-Mukaber neighbourhood. The 2 houses were built in 2014 on an area of ​​160 sq.m.

– Forcing the Jerusalemite, Yosif Bakhtan to demolish the roof of his house at Al-Ashqariya neighbourhood,
– Forcing the Jerusalemite, Yosif Bakhtan to demolish the roof of his house at Al-Ashqariya neighbourhood, north of Jerusalem to avoid paying high cost should the occupation municipality do that.

– Completing the construction of the Apartheid Wall on the land of the Beit Jala town west of Bethlehem. The section of the wall is close to the Arab Rehabilitation Society Hospital, consists of barbed wire at a 4-meter high. Completion of this section means the closure of the areas north-west of Beit Jala. Knowing that the Israeli court had issued a resolution to stop the work there.

– Confiscating 618 donums near the Walaja village northwest of Bethlehem by an Israeli Yoel Company under the protection of Israeli occupation soldiers and employees from the Absentee Property at the Beit Eil and Etzion settlements as well as the director of the Israeli Tabo’ Director.

– Demolishing a house under construction east of Bethlehem Governorate at Khalaiel Alooz area belonging to Nabhan NasraAllah, uprooted olive trees, bulldozed agricultural land.

– Levelling 12 donums of Palestinian near the Artas town southwest of Bethlehem, belonging to Ahmad Abu Soror, Riad Al-Absi, Moh’d Abu Laban, Omar Afandi, Jamal Zaghari, Bassam Farahin, Hasan Shahin, Mustafa Afandi and Hussein Hamash.

– Israeli occupation forces distributed 6 evacuation orders for barracks used as housing for people and their properties, besides tents belonging to Bedouin families living in Moghaier area northeast of Ramallah, under the pretext of being carrying out military trainings.

– Fencing 100 donums planted with olives trees by Eileh Settlers, belonging to Qarioot villagers, close to the Hiovall settlement, while the Israeli Antiquities Department is excavating the area near the Shvut Rachel settlement as part of a plan to establish a tourist area there. Moreover, they prevented farmers from the Orif town of reaching their land within the B area adjacent to the Yitzhar Zionist settlement built on a private Palestinian land.

– Bulldozers belonging to Lishm settlement levelled new lands overlooking the archaeological Deir Sama’n village west of Salfit. The bulldozing prepares for the construction of more settlement units on the Kafr El-Dik and Deir Balut lands.

– Banning the Salfit’s crews from opening agricultural road in Al-Zuhr area, north of the city under the pretext of being adjacent to Ariel settlement in C area.

– Levelling about 20 donums of Palestinian land in the area of ​​Khallet Al-Zafran northeast of Broqeen, and 72 donums to be levelled and confiscated to expand the Ariel Industrial Zone.
Jordan Valley and Tubas:

– Issuing a number of resolutions to ban construction of 3 agricultural barracks in the Khalit Hamad to the north of the Jordan Valley.

– Preventing residents of Tubas from completing the construction of their barracks, and threatened to demolish them should they go ahead with that.

– Bulldozed a 144m2 barracks in the Jiftlik village north of Jericho belonging to Anwar Abu Jodeh, the only breadwinner to his family that consists of 10 members including 8 children.

– Demolishing 3 houses under construction near the Airport to the east of Jericho city under the pretext of non-licensed.

– Confiscating a mobile home “Caravan” in the Ham area to the north of the Jordan Valley east of the Tubas city, owned by Mah’d Awad Ayoub. Worth mentioning here that the Caravan was provided by the Aktad French Organization.

-Storming the Al-Ras Al-Ahmar area and notifying more than 10 families living there to leave the area soon in order to carry out military trainings.

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