Video: The annual“Yalla Yalla”Street Festival

On Sunday 2nd of April, the annual “YallaYalla” Street Festival was set to take place. The Street Festival was held on the second day of the “International Children & Youth TheaterFestival” which started 1st of April and continues until the 10th of April with different events at different locations each day.


Due to heavy raining the planned street festival was unable to take placein the streets of Bethlehem, so the festivities weremoved to Bethlehem University. Lots of people in all ages had found their way to the university where the organisers had made a great setting.


The festival consisted of all different kinds of dancing and acrobatic performances which excited the audience whom rewarded the performers with frequent rounds of applauses.The event wasn’t only limited to the stage. People dressed in all different kinds of costumes danced among the audience and interacted with them using different attributes.


Performers from “Nablus Circus School”, “Baladi Center for Culture and Arts”and “Al-Harah Theater participated amongst others.



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