12 people injured during IOF quelling of weekly march east of Ramallah


12 people injured on friday, during anti-settlement march east of Ramallah as Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) quelled the march with live bullets, rubber bullets and teargas, resulting in multiple gunshot injuries and people choking on teargas.

According to medical sources, 12 civilians received injuries including 5 civilians being shot with live bullets.

As the peaceful protest of the establishing of a new settlement outpost marched, clashes broke out after IOF troops opened fire, using both live and rubber bullets as well as tear gas grenades.

As the IOF drowned civilians and olive fields in tear gas, Palestinian youths replied by throwing stones at the IOF soldiers. This resulted in the arrest of one palestinian youth who was arrested and led to an unknown destination.

In addition to the shooting and choking of civilians, several journalists and photographers also choked on tear gas while covering the incident.

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