Palestine 103rd, Israel 11th on World Happiness Report

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The “Palestinian Territories” ranked 103rd out of 155 countries according to the 2017 World Happiness Report, which is lead by Norway, and has the Central African Republic ranking last.

Palestine was directly followed by Egypt raking 104th.

On the other hand, Israel ranked 11th on the list, a position it has kept for the past four years, among the top 10 countries, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden.

The United States ranked 14th on the list, and the first Arab Country was United Arab Emirates as 21st, followed by Qatar, 35th.

The report, released on UN’s International Day of Happiness, 20 March, is based on the factors: GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity and perceptions of corruption.

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