IOF prevent Palestinian owners from entering the evicted Amona outpost

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have prevented Palestinian owners of the lands on which the evicted Amona settlement outpost was established, while allowing settlers to enter it without any restrictions.

The Amona outpost was evicted in February on Israeli court order, after Palestinian owners plead against the illegal confiscation of their lands and construction of the outpost.

The Israeli army has recently erected a checkpoint in the area, while Israeli “border guards” should prevent Israelis from going uphill. However, the guards do not prevent Israelis, but only prevent Palestinians from entering the lands.

Palestinians from neighboring villages, particularly landowners, said they were denied access. The army has installed cameras on the hill overlooking the neighboring villages to monitor every attempt to reach the land on which the former settlement was built. When a car approaches a village, a military force is sent to prevent them from entering the area.

The military army spokesman said that “The area of the outpost of Amona received a closure order, which dictates that entry to the former outpost is forbidden for both Israelis and Palestinians, unless they receive an exceptional permit,” claiming that the order has been enforced by the security forces, and every entry into the area is handled properly.

Shortly after the eviction order, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu approved the construction of 3,000 settlement units all over the West Bank and Jerusalem.
Following that, on February 20th, the Israeli government passed a bill that legalised Israeli settlements built on Palestinian ground. The bill has been called “unconstitutional” and has been criticised as a way to legalise theft of land.

Five days ago, ahead of Meeting With Trump Envoy, Netanyahu told Amona settlers that Israel and the US are working on a “Mutually Agreed Settlement Policy”, saying that he will keep his word on continuing construction of settlements.

Since Donald Trump took office on 20 January, Israeli authorities have approved the construction of over 6,000 settlement units, which are condemned illegal under international law and by the United Nations.

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