Gilad Erdan wants to create database on Israeli BDS supporters


According to Haaretz, Minister of Strategic Affairs, Gilad Erdan, has been scheming to launch a database comprised of Israeli citizens who are involved in supporting the boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement in addition to the already existing database featuring foreign BDS promoters.

Erdan wants the intelligence of the database to be based on open sources such as Facebook and other social media, and through the use of such medias he will identify and keep watch on Israeli key figures in the BDS activist movement.

Senior Official Mendelbit, has argued against the database, proclaiming that the only Israeli authority that is allowed to monitor Israeli citizens in this way is the Shin Bet security service. He also expressed his concerns saying that “such a database… would undermine their (Israeli citizens) right to privacy.”

In august 2016, the ministry launched a database to prevent foreign BDS activists from entering Israel and to expel foreign activists already residing in Israel.

Furthermore Erdan has also suggested to Moshe Kahlon, Finance Minister, that a blacklist of companies, organizations and individuals that are engaged in or speak up for the BDS movement, should be launched.

Earlier this month, a new law that bans people in support of BDS from entering the country was passed.

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