UN report says Israel has established an apartheid regime

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A United Nations report published on Wednesday accused Israel of having established an apartheid regime of oppression and control over the Palestinian people.

The report suggests that the Israeli government is creating what in practice would become a one-state regime. Israel continues to reject and discriminate Palestinian rights, making it harder for them to access education, healthcare, employment and building rights.

The report also states that Palestinians in East Jerusalem regularly face expulsions and home demolitions.

Furthermore, Palestinians who have been exiled or fled the country aren’t allowed to return to their homes on the West Bank on the accusation of being a ”demographic threat to Israel”.

The report urges the support of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), and the reinstatement of the Special Committee against Apartheid and the United Centre Against Apartheid which was canceled in 1991.

According to the report the International Court of Justice should give its opinion on whether Israel issues apartheid crimes to control the Palestinian people and the West Bank.

UN spokesman states that the report was published without consulting the UN Secretariat and says its views does not necessarily reflect the secretary-generals.

To his part, UN envoy of Israel, Danny Danon, who is also a settler, condemned the report saying that it “constitutes a blatant lie.”

A week ago, the Israeli Security Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, asked the U.S. administration to pull out of the UN Human Rights Council and to stop its support of UNRWA’s activities, claiming that these organizations “are not filling their intended goals but rather the Human Rights Council is busy slandering Israel and attempting to harm it by distorting reality.”

This came a week after the U.S. Trump administration said it was reviewing its participation in the top UNHRC body, with an eye to reform a balanced agenda that ends the forum’s “obsession with Israel”, a senior U.S. official said, according to Haaretz.

The U.S. moves against the UNHRC came after Abbas gave a speech in Geneva, where he said that Israel is moving towards the creation of an apartheid state with the passing of the new Israeli law legalizing dozens of Jewish outposts built on private Palestinian land.

In his speech, Abbas also warned from moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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