February: 15 violations against media freedoms in Palestine, says MADA

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February (2017) witnessed a significant decrease in total number of violations against media freedoms in Palestine; compared to previous month.

The Palestinian center for development and media freedoms “MADA” monitored a total number of 15 violations against media freedoms including (9 violations committed by Israeli Occupation Forces, and a total of violations committed by different Palestinian apparatuses).

Noting that, January witnessed a total of 30 violations against media freedoms.

Israeli Violations:

There has been a significant decrease in the number of Israeli violations against media freedoms, reflected a marked decline on the total number of monitored  violations during the month of February. Total number of Israeli violations declined from 20 during the month of January to 9 violations during February.

Among the most prominent Israeli violations recorded during February, was transferring journalist Mohammed Al-Qiq to administrative detention for three months after he was rearrested by IOF after nearly eight months of his release.

An Israeli occupation officer assaulted physically the photographer of Associated Press (AP) Emad Mohammed Saeed, which led to slight fractured of his rib cage.

Besides, the arrest of journalist Mohammed Hantash, and wounding the journalists Nidal  Shtayyeh and Ayman Nubani  with rubber bullets by IOF during their coverage of a demonstration in Kufor Qaddoum against settlements, where settlers attacked the photographer Zaher Abu Hussein, public relations officer of the commission against the separation wall and settlements.

Palestinian Violations:

Palestinian violations declined during February and confined all in the West Bank, on the contrary to what was recorded during January that witness 10 violations 9 of which were committed in Gaza.

Despite the significant decline in total number of violations to eight, but the portion of such abuses raises serious concern of the significant use of violence, as the most prominent was the arrest of journalist and editor at local TV Al fajer Al jadeed in Tulkarem city  Sami Al Sa’ee, who was subjected to severe torture during his detention period, that lasted 20 days.

Palestinian intelligence arrested presenter in radio Marah and in the Arab weekly British newspaper Mohammed Saeed Abu Jheisheh in a brutal way from his home in Hebron and mistreated and beaten him during his detention, which lasted three days.

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