Video: Baby Dinosaurs and Giant Insects Museum set up in Bethlehem

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The Baby DinOsaurs and Giant insects returned to Bethlehem in a permanent natural history museum for children, which for the first time displays eye-catching interactive life-size dinosaurs and giant insects, installed in the Convention Palace in Bethlehem.

The museum features 6,500 sq ft of dinosaur and insect displays, including giant scorpions, snails, crickets and life-size roaring dinosaur exhibits, which allow children to expand their imagination and learn about dinasaurs.

It was also attended by three Palestinians ministers and five mayors.

The exhibition was donated by the Bethlehem-Bath Links charity, which creates cultural, business & sporting links between the World Heritage sites of Bath and Bethlehem, expands education and knowledge of natural history despite the ongoing occupation which strangles the West Bank, which allows it to enhace tourism attraction to the site.

Bethlehem-Bath Links founder Peter Downey said “This is a huge achievement thanks to the incredible generosity of Henry and Edith. It will add a new attraction for Bethlehem’s residents and two million annual visitors and will generate much needed income for the city. It also demonstrates that there is a great deal of support for Palestine in Britain and I am very much looking forward to going out to Bethlehem with the delegation from Bath for the grand opening of the museum on Tuesday.”

The Mayor of Bath, Councillor Paul Crossley, has arrived in Bethlehem with Bethlehem-Bath Links founder Peter Downey and the charity’s patron and Bath & NE Somerset Cabinet member, Cllr Martin Veal, to prepare for the opening event. The councillors, who are travelling at their own expense, will meet the Mayors of Bethlehem, the Ministers of Education, Tourism, Agriculture and Economic Affairs and local business leaders to officially hand over the dinosaur & insect exhibitions and to discuss tourism, World Heritage, commercial and cultural links between the two cities.

Director of the Bethlehem Convention Centre pointed out the links between Bath and Bethlehem, since the solomon pools historical site, alongside the convention palace, was built by the Romans and Beth is the city of Roman baths.

“This is a truly wonderful gift. It will help to establish the Bethlehem Convention Palace and Solomon’s Pools as a major visitor centre over the coming years and is a major step towards our ambition of obtaining UNESCO World Heritage status for the historic King Solomon’s Pools site. We are so pleased that Bath, which is England’s only World Heritage city, is helping us to achieve our aim and we are very grateful for their generous support,” George said.

The exhibition promotes cooperation between different cities of the world to that promotes knowledge of natural history and revives links historical links through an educational space that goes beyong entertainment.

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