PA suppresses protest against trial of Martyr Bassel Araj, Ramallah

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Palestinian National Security forces on Sunday morning suppressed a protest against the trial of martyr Bassel Araj, who was assassinated by Israeli soldiers in his home in Al-Bireh city a few days ago.

Bassel’s trial was nulled and the case was closed for the “death of the accused” according to the Palestinian law. However, the trial for the five other activists was postponed till April 30th.

Bassel, whose body is still detained by IOF, was supposed to be trialed for allegedly possessing a weapon without a permit.

The protest in front of the Ramallah court, was suppressed by forces, where four Palestinians were arrested, one of them an ex-prisoner.

Injuries were also reported amongst protesters, including the martyr Araj’s father.

Araj a refugee pharmacist, writer, and political activist, has been chased by Israeli Authorities for years for his “resistance” and was finally assassinated in his own home in Al-Bireh.

He was also detained in PA prisons for his anti-occupation activities.

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