Israel judaizing a walled off village south of Qalqilia

PNN/ Qalqilia/

Azzun Atma village, located behind the Israeli apartheid wall, has recently been subjected to systematic judaization attempts by Israel, who is aiming to annex it to Oraneet illegal settlement.

Secretary of the Azzun local council, Abdul Karim Ayyub, told WAFA news agency that Israeli Occupation machinery has been recently, from time to time, bulldozing new lands and building a new neighbourhood for the settlement.

This settlement is located on the private lands of the farmers of Azzun Atma and the nearby village, Bait amin and Sanaria villages, and is aiming to seize a 100-dunum land.

Meanwhile, Israeli Occupation Authorities have been preventing the farmers from reaching their lands through closing down the gates of the apartheid wall.

Ayyub added that IOA aim to put hands on the land and impose the reality of annexing the land which is already located behind the apartheid wall.

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