Trump Invites Palestinian President to White House in First Phone Call


US President Donald Trump spoke on the phone with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for the first time on Friday evening, and invited him to the White House, a Palestinian spokesman said.

The call was the first contact between the two leaders, coming after complaints by Palestinian officials that they have failed to establish contact with the Trump administration.

Nabil Abu Rudeina Palestinian Presidency official spokesman said that President Trump, officially invited President Abbas to visit the White House soon, to discuss ways to resume the political process, stressing his commitment to a peace process leading to a real peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

According to a Abu Rudeina ,Trump initiated the conversation and Abbas was planning to state his commitment to working with the president for peace.

The conversation with Abbas came ahead of an expected visit by Jason Greenblatt, one of Trump’s top diplomatic advisers, to the region. Abbas was one of the last Arab leaders to speak with Trump on the phone, after the president has already spoken with the leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the region.

The only Arab leader so far who has personally met Trump since the election, however, is Jordan’s King Abdullah. Immediately after his conversation with Abbas, Trump will meet at the White House with Secertary of State Rex Tillerson for lunch.


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