Trump’s envoy for international negotiations will meet Netanyahu, Abbas separately 


Palestinian official said thursday evening that US President Donald Trump envoy for international negotiations,  will visit the Middle East region and will meet with Palestinians and Israelis officials during a visit next days.

For his part Hebrew  News  Site “Walla” said that Jason Granbolt the US international negotiations envoy for US administration will pay a visit to Israel and the West Bank where he will meet Israeli Prime Minister Bnaman Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas separately according to US and Palestinian officials.

The US official said that Jason Granbolt will meet with officials from both sides to listen to their views on the current situation and the possibilities for the peace process.

Granbolt will also meet with the leaders of Jewish religious schools, and Israeli businessmen during the tour in Israel.

Jason Granbolt is a USA Jewish, and was an advisor to Donald Trump before he was elected president of the United States .


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