Lieberman asks US to pull out of UNHRC

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli Security Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, on Wednesday has asked the U.S. dministration to pull out of the UN Human Rights Council and to stop its support of UNRWA’s activities.

Lieberman’s statements came during his meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson which took place on Wednesday in Washington.

Haaretz Hebrew newspaper said that Lieberman asked the US secretary of state to instruct the State Department to review its policy toward the UNHRC and UNRWA.

According to Lieberman, these organizations “are not filling their intended goals but rather the Human Rights Council is busy slandering Israel and attempting to harm it by distorting reality.”

During the meeting, the two also discussed Israeli settlement expansion where Lieberman told Tillerson that Israeli settlements are not an impediment to peace.

“Even the uprooting of 21 settlements in Gaza did not lead to peace but rather to rocket fire at Israel,” he claimed.

Lieberman is on a two-day working trip in Washington and has been meeting with senior officials in the American security establishment.

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