IOF arrest nine Palestinians during overnight raids

 PNN/ Jenin/
Issraeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Tuesday overnight have arrested nine Palestinian youths during raids on areas all over the West Bank,
Raids included villages of Jenin, where six Palestinians were arrested.

Troops also stormed a number of homes in the village, interrogating the homeowners and wreaking havoc inside.

Separately, troops seized a Palestinian-registered Kia vehicle and stormed a car repair shop during a raid into Jenin city.

Meanwhile, forces detained two Palestinians from Husan town, west of Bethlehem in the southern West Bank.

Elsewhere in the southern West Bank, forces stormed and ransacked a Palestinian home in Hebron city, briefly detaining the homeowner for several hours before releasing him.

Soldiers stormed approximately 15 homes belonging to Palestinians, inspecting them and wreaking havoc inside.

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