Video: Malta and Palestine search ways to grow tourism investments

PNN/ Bethlehem/

As part of its efforts to promote cooperation between the countries of Palestine and Malta, The Mediterranean Tourism Foundation ( MTF), with the support of the Maltese Representative in Palestine Mr Reuben Gauci , discusses co-operation with Palestine in the presence of the Secretary General of MTF Mr Andrew Agius Muscat.

The meeting and cultural dinner had been organized for a group of businessmen in the city of Bethlehem, where they discussed ways and mechanisms of creating an economic investment between the two countries in general, in the tourism field in particular.

The event was attended by the Maltese Ambassador to Palestine, Reuben Gauci, in addition to representatives of the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation and other businessmen from different companies, including a leading Palestinian dairy company, Hamoda, in addition to Innovation Hotel, Taybeh, Wejj Al-Qamar restaurants and Bavaria and more.

Palestinian investors have viewed the initiative as a positive step that can support the tourism investment in Palestine, adding that they are studying such possibilities with other countries as well.

To its part, the Palestinian ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said that this cooperation intersects with the Palestinian vision of developing the tourism in Palestine, hoping for more cooperation on this ground.

Director general of tourism services in ministry, Nida Al-Ayaseh said “Here at the ministry of Tourism, we have seen that our goals intersect with the goals of the foundation, which is one of the most important ways to maintain steadfastness and peace in the area, since tourism helps create a cultural exchange between the people, and in return enhancing security and peace in the region.

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