Palestinian activists raise Palestine flag in Tel Rumeida to show rejection of Israel’s settlement

Hebron/PNN/Munjed jadou

A Group of Palestinian activists from Youth Against Settlements and the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee raised Palestine flag in Flagpole up to ten meters in the Tel Rumeida area in hebron city south of west bank  which  facing Israeli settlement campaign.

The activists Raised the flag near the Israeli settlement of Tel Rumeida, where settlers put up the Israeli flag to assure that Tel Rumeida area in Hebron is Palestinian area.

The activists raised the flagpole first and then put ladders, climbed one carrying a Palestinian flag according Palestine News Net Work  PNN reporter.

Head of youth against settlement movement and coordinator of Open Shuhada Street campaign, told PNN reporter that raising Palestine flag  in Tel Rumeida is message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett, who support the establishment of settlements with support from President Donald Trump and US administration that hebron that Hebron is a Palestinian city and settlement will not make it Israeli one .

Amro said that the Palestinian people are ready to resist the Israeli occupation and those who stand behind it, adding that if diplomacy and international law did not bring us as Palestinians to establish an independent state, our people will continue their struggle by all possible means in order to achieve legitimate national goals.

Amro explained that this event today comes within the framework of the international campaign to open Shuhada Street for the eighth year, noting that the campaign will include four hundred activates in many cities around the world to express rejection Israeli occupation to Hebron, and West Bank cities in general .

To his part, Munther Amira Chairman of the Higher Coordinating Committee against the Wall and settlements in the West Bank said that Attending to Hebron and participate in raising Palestine  flag is a message to  support our brothers , calling on all parties to support open Shuhada Street campaign.

Amira added that raising Palestinian flag in the heart of the city of Hebron, specifically in Tel Rumeida neighborhood and off the Israeli settlement represents also a message to challenge and steadfastness of Palestinian in the city of Hebron, praising the efforts of Open Shuhada Street campaign.

He also added that the activities is carrying  messages to strengthen the steadfastness of our people and assur Palestinian identity of Hebron city.

Amira called  all human rights organizations to defend humanity in Tel Rumeida area and the old city of Hwbron and shuhada street adding that the Israeli occupation plans expansion is growing, which needs to unite the various efforts.

Amira said the Palestine flag is a symbol of national symbols and thousands sacrificed their lives waving this flag and they will continue until liberation of Palestine, establishment of a Palestinian state after expulsion of the Israeli occupation and its settlers.

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