Photo taken during the demolitions in Umm Al-Hiran, January 2017

Israeli demolitions, evictions will return to Umm Al-Hiran on Wednesday

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Israeli Occupation authorities on Monday said that Wednesday, 22 February, will be a day of “evictions and demolitions” in Umm Al-Hiran village in the Negev.

The forced demolitions are planned to take place on Wednesday dawn, in synchronization with the court order to evict the unrecognized village by 28 Feb, where IOF will stick the demolition orders for the homes hours before the demolitions.

In a statement by the residents of Umm Al-Hiran, that the people call on all parties and associations and leaders and Arab MKs to stand in solidarity with the threatened village, in order to resist this forced displacement policy.

The statement added that the demolitions on Wednesday will be supported by a large number of Israeli police, and will close down all the roads leading to the village to prevent activists in solidarity with the village from reaching it.

The local council in the village has announced strike starting Tuesday evening.

Israel refuses to recognize the village of Umm Al-Hiran which is inhibited by Bedouin Palestinians, and is located in the Negev desert, southern Israel.

About a month ago, Israel had demolished 12 homes and killed two residents from the town, where an Israeli soldier was also killed in the clashes.

One week later, a group of Palestinian youths from Dir Hanna village helped rebuild a home in the area despite the harsh weather conditions. Other volunteers from al-Tiba, Sikhnin, Araba, and al-Rama villages showed up at the scene and took part in the reconstruction works.


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