Rajoub: It is the dream of Fascists in Israel to drop two-state solution

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In an interview with Israel radio, senior Fatah official, Jibril Rajoun ahead of the Trump-Netanyahu meeting in Washington D.C. has said that “it is the dream of the fascist right wing in the State of Israel” to drop the two-state solution.

Speaking in Hebrew, Rajoub said “it is the dream of the fascist right wing in the State of Israel which doesn’t recognize the very existence of the Palestinian people, even though there are nearly five million people who have been living under occupation for fifty years.”

When asked about his expectations regarding the meeting, Rajoub said that Trump isn’t in the Israeli right wing’s pocket. Rather, he represents and will present America’s interests. And Palestine, as an independence state, will be established not thanks to Bennett and those who behave like the neighborhood bully, but thanks to the United Nations and thanks to the fact that we are a living and existing people.

“I am confident that in the end there isn’t any other choice either for us or for you but for an independent Palestinian state to be established alongside the State of Israel. And we will treat one another like neighbors. The sooner we do that the more blood and suffering we’ll spare both sides,” he added.

The host responded by saying that “people in Israel have been saying the exact opposite, and that Palestinians are the neighborhood bully”, adding that Palestinians did not recognize “the Jewish state.”

In response, Rajoub said that the Palestinian Authority has already recognized Israel in 1988 and in Oslo within the 1967 lines.

“|The State of Israel can call [i.e. define] itself any way it wants. We recognize and are willing to [inaudible] for there to be peace, neighborly relations with a decent-acting country, with a country that recognizes our existence.”

Finally, when asked about being annexed to Israel, Rajoub answered by saying “We don’t want that and I don’t think that the rational Israelis will accept that.”

This intervew came shortly before Netanyahu met with Trump in the White House, where Trump has said he will go with the one or two-state solution,  or the solution that “both parties (Palestinians and Israelis) like.

Trump also told Netanyahu to “hold back on settlements for a little bit,” in light of the wide settlement expansion wave during the past month.


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