Israel arrested 590 Palestinians during January

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs, Palestinian Society prisoners’ club, Al Mezan center for Human Rights Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association on Monday pointed out that the Israeli authorities have arrested (590) Palestinians from Gaza strip and the West Bank in January 2017, including (128) children, (14) women, one deputy and one journalist.

The report showed that the Israeli authorities have arrested (156) citizens form Jerusalem, (90) citizens from Hebron, (66) citizens from Bethlehem, (64) citizens from Nablus, (50) citizens from Jenin, (56) citizens from Ramallah and Al Bereh, (37) citizens from Tulkarem, (27) citizens from Qalqilia, (13) citizens from Tubas, (13) citizens from Gaza Strip, (10) citizens from Jericho and (8) citizens from Salfit.

The report also showed that the Israeli occupation authorities have issued (91) verdicts of administrative detention, including (29) new verdicts containing a verdict against the deputy in the legislative council, Ahmad Mubarak, and the journalist Nidal Abu Baker.

Thus, the number of Palestinian detainees inside the Israeli jails was about (7,000), including (52) females, (300) children, (600) administrative detainees and (21) journalists.

Last month also witnessed dozens of night raids form many prisons, and storming form sections and rooms of prisoners to destroy their belongings. Moreover, it witnessed the continuity of medical negligence policy against hundreds of detainees, an increase in administrative detention policy, solitary confinement, women and children detention, imposing fines on detainees and depriving them from regular family visits.

Institutions working in the issue of detainees and human rights have warned from the seriousness of conditions inside the Israeli jails at all levels, in the light of the continued series of repressive measures against detainees.

The four above mentioned institutions condemned the Israeli flagrant violations of the rules of international law against the Palestinian detainees.  Besides, they are proud of the struggle of Palestinian detainees. They also confirm the continuation of their efforts to defend the rights of Palestinian detainees and expose the abuses committed against them.

The institutions also confirmed that the issue of detainees is a national, humanitarian and moral issue that should be solved through Arab and international efforts to put more pressure on the state of occupation to stop its violations of the rules of international humanitarian law and the principles of human rights, and to work to liberate all Palestinian prisoners.

In this context, the afore mentioned institutions called for the organizations of civil society, the international institutions of human rights and the political parties to expose the Israeli flagrant violations against detainees.

They also called for the United Nations and the international community to act to stop the grave violation and abuse against Palestinians, especially the continued practice of torture, degrading treatment and violations against children, and to compel the occupation authorities of their legal obligations to respect the rights of detainees and protect them from torture and ill-treatment.

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