Fines against minors in Ofer prison hit 52,000 NIS last month

PNN/ Ramallah/ 

A report issued by the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs stated that the total fines imposed on minor detainees under the age of 18 in Ofer prison hit 52,000 NIS during the month of January alone.

The commission stated that 64 children were transferred to the minors’ section at Ofer prison; 28 of whom were arrested from their houses, 27 arrested from the streets, six arrested at checkpoints and two were arrested after summons.

Eight minors were arrested after being shot, and one child, Ahmad Hanatsheh, was sentenced to administrative detention.

The commission added that verdicts have been issued against 28 child, ranging from one month to twelve months, where the rest of them still under arrest.

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