Israeli organizations demand Spain to bar Palestinian Human Rights activists

PNN/ Bethlehem/

A right wing Israeli organization has recently demanded that head of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC) Munther Amira and other activists are barred from Spain and EU countries.

Amira told PNN that right-wing Israeli organizations have filed complaints in Spain against him and activist Manal Tamimi, who are going to be participating in a conference on mechanisms of Facing extremism in the world.

The organizations on social media claimed that Amira and the PSCC group represent “terrorism.”

Amira told PNN that this is proof on the ongoing Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people and their attacks, racism on all levels, adding that Israel and its extremist government are violating all human rights conventions and aim on deveiving the world public opinion.

Amira also stressed that all the activities carried out by the PSCC (Against the Wall and Settlements) are committed to all laws and international conventions in their resistance of Israeli repression and attacks on human rights defendersm. Amira also pointed out that the allegations against him are “flimsy” actions that will not prevent activists from attending the conference in Barcelona and exposing occupaiton practices against Palestine.

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