Palestinians start reconstructing Umm Al-Hiran village demolished by Israel

PNN/ Negev/

The 1948 Palestinians on Sunday began the reconstruction of Umm Al-Hiran village in the Israeli-occupied Negev desert, days after IOF demolished the village and killed one of its residents under a ramming attack pretext.

Israel has demolished the village several times in an attempt to take over it for Israeli settlement expansion.

The reconstruction is starting after donations, including mobile homes, food parcels and winter blankets,  had arrived from Arara Bedouin village.

Last week, the village was on edge after Israel had demolished 12 homes and killed two residents from the town, where and Israeli soldier  was also killed in the clashes.

On Friday and Saturday a group of Palestinian youths from Dir Hanna village helped rebuild a home in the area despite the harsh weather conditions. Other volunteers from al-Tiba, Sikhnin, Araba, and al-Rama villages showed up at the scene and took part in the reconstruction works.

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