Khaled : Israel does not seek a Palestinian partner, but a Palestinian collaborator

PNN/ Ramallah/

Many Palestinians believe that threats of annexation of the occupied West Bank are quickly becoming a reality. “Israel is practically annexing all of Area C and great portions of Area B to expand its colonial enterprise on Palestinian national soil,” said Tayseer Khaled, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).

Under the Oslo Accords reached between the PLO and the Israeli regime, the occupied West Bank as split into three zones. Area A was to be under full Palestinian control, Area B under Palestinian administrative control and Israeli military control, and Area C would be under full Israeli military contr

Khaled explained that Israel handles every two adjacent colonies as one colony block, with areas between the colonies connected by smaller Jewish colony outposts, turning the vast majority of the occupied West Bank into a hive of Jews-only colonies.

“Enough with the political childhood of some Israeli political leaders demanding the annexation of the West Bank,” Khaled told Gulf News. “No Palestinian leader or ordinary man alive, regardless of his leniency, is prepared to make concessions,” he said. “Israel does not seek a Palestinian partner, but a Palestinian collaborator.”

The Palestinian leadership, he said, must now continue its diplomatic attack against Israel and approach the UN Security Council once again to request that Israel be punished for its war crimes, particularly with respect to its stand on colony construction, even at the cost of a clash with newly inaugurated US President Donald Trump.

“The Palestinians ought to defend their basic and legitimate rights and also defend the international legitimacy which supplied them with two key resolutions that should be effectively used in the ongoing political confrontation with Israel,” Khaled added.

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